sábado, 20 de novembro de 2010


Simply one of my favourite places in Brazil. It's a fisher's village
located in Paraty- RJ.

There are 4 paradisiac beaches side a side, waterfall, wonderful
landscape and very hospitable people.

It's not expensive to stay. You can choose camping or stay in some guest
house. Now a days you can find everything you need in the village.
Internet, phone, atm... but really you will not be worrying about it
over there.

you can get there through Paraty, there are buses and vans that take you

I will post some pictures from Trindade, and when you visit there you
can tell me about.

I spent 5 new years eve in Trindade...matchless!!!


I thought about this blog just to share some places that I know in Brazil, where I had very good times whilst visiting. So I don't want to recommend to you the same places that you can find in almost all tourist websites, and when you get there seems that you are in anywhere but Brazil. Finding a lot of "gringos" like you and you can not taste what Brazil is really like.

It is my idea, I don't know yet how to work here, but I'm a good learning. I am sure this blog will be much better as soon the time goes and i will become a better bloggler.

hope you enjoy!